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Lil' Cactus

Diary Title
Diary Information


To Start
Complete The Little Sorcerers, start Gilbert: School Amour, and have at least 1 entry in Lil' Cactus' diary.
To Miss
Cannot miss.
To Fail
Cannot fail.

Event Details

  • The event begins by walking into home and finding Bud lying on the floor*. Talk to him, then Lisa.
  • Head to Domina and have your fortune told by the fruit lady.
  • Return Home and Lisa will say that Lil' Cactus ran off! Head up to his pot and read the note.
  • Head to Luon Highway and visit Gaeus. He'll tell you to visit Selkie.
  • Head to the Jungle and use the flowerling's warp to go to Rosetti's room (1st option). Talk to Selkie who will tell you to visit Brownie (in Geo).
  • Head to Geo and talk to Brownie. He's the student standing in front of the classroom door. He will tell you to go see David.
  • Head to the SS Buccaneer and find David on the lower level. He will tell you that he gave Lil' Cactus a potion and sent him away.
  • Head back to Domina and visit the Pelican on the west side of town. He will say he delivered Lil' Cactus.
  • Head back Home to see Lil' Cactus shoved in your mailbox! Talk to him.
  • The End

*Note: If you have completed The Little Sorcerers and start Gilbert: School Amour without any diary entries, after you head downstairs from talking to Lil' Cactus will trigger Bud collapsing on the floor - you do not need to leave Home.


Primary AF
Secondary AF
No additional rewards.


Cactus Diary Entry

The Cactus Diary Entry Text, keeping the original formatting

Event Dialogue

See Dialogue-Lil Cactus (Event).

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