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The Mana Orchards

Diary Title
Diary Information


To Start
Visit Gaeus at least once, then head on the SSW path at Home.
To Miss
Can only complete once per character.
To Fail
Cannot fail.

Event Details

  • Talk to Gaeus and he'll tell you about a tree near your house.
  • Take the SSW path in your home area and you'll enter your orchard. Battle the 4 weeds and a tree will grow.
  • Give the tree 2 seeds, then leave.
  • Come back after a period of a couple "weeks" (wander the world map or do other things for a while).
  • Return to the orchard and pick a plant and put it in the box (it's at the end of the path).
  • The End


Primary AF
Secondary AF
Ability to grow produce at Home.